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Wissenswertes/Knowing facts
Schweizer Rezepte/Recipes
History of the Swiss
Southern Africa
1652 - 1977
January Harderpotschete, Interlaken click here BE
February Basler Fasnacht click here BS
March Chalandamarz,  Engadin click here GB
April Saechsiluete click here ZH
May Schanfigger Bsetzig click here GB
Juni Hergottstag,    Meggen click here LU
July Schutzengel Fest,  Waldkirchli click here AI
August Schaferfest auf der Gemmi click here VS
September Chasteilet im Justistal click here BE
October Joggeli Umzug in Lenzburg click here AG
November Laegeli Umzug in Flawil  click here SG
December Bochselnacht in Weinfelden click here TG
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Humor corner
Share with us your favorite home made dish;
Starter, Main, Dessert or even Snacks.
Add a picture enhancing your art of dish.
The recipes should be preferably in english.
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Cheese Fondue, origin of click here NE
Ein Stueck Wallis, Walliser Roggen Brot click here VS
Europe's lovliest weekly Market, Luzern click here LU
Hornussen click here CH
Schweizer hymne click here CH
Waer het d'Reoschti erfunde? click here CH
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. . .
click here
Everything about Switzerland CH  
Safran aus dem Wallis click here VS  
Wilhelm Tell, gab es ihn wirklich? click here CH  
Restoring Flagship "Unterwalden" click here LU  
200 Jahre Erstbesteigung der Jungfrau click here BE  
Endecker des Pflanzenwunders click here CH  
Schii fahre, Gedanken ueber Vergangenheit click here    
Der neue Gotthhard Tunnel click here UR  
Einweihung des Gotthard Tunnel 1. Dec 2016 .  
by DT and VP
Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody
click here
click here
Carrot cake
Emmentaler Zopf
The hobby cook
Elisabeth Gerhard
Perspective is something we could use right now
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Global Warming
Interested in a different view about Global warming, follow discussion by Robert Stein, create your own
opinion. (in german)
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Schweizer Tradition/Traditions
something to smile during COVID
something to ponder
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The hobby cook